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PHISH - New Years Run 2013/2014

PHISH - New Years Run 2013/2014

From December 28 through December 31st 2013 Phish played four shows to sold out crowds - these being their 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st shows at the worlds most famous arena. The first taking place on December 30th in 1994. This run of shows marked the bands thirtieth anniversary which was celebrated on New Years Eve with a special second set that took place on the top of a box truck in the center of Madison Square Garden.

This project was created over the course of those four nights. The photographs were compiled into small book that was printed in an edition of thirty; then signed, numbered, and distributed to friends, fans, and the band.

While ninety eight percent of my twenty years of Phish photography has been created on film this project was completely digital. I used a Canon Mark II 1DS body and all manual lenses.